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If it seems like your home or yard has become infested with giant mosquitoes, don’t panic. You are probably dealing with a Crane Fly infestation that could be threatening to your landscape, but poses no threat to humans. It is not the adults who are the culprits, but their larvae that can damage vegetation in your yard. They can be very damaging to lawns and plants because they feed voraciously on plant material and leave visible brown marks wherever they roam.

Crane flies get their name for their disproportionately long legs. They have often been called “mosquito hawks” because of a widespread myth that Crane Flies eat mosquitoes, which they are actually incapable of doing. During warmer seasons of the year, crane flies can become an annoying and damaging pest throughout California. They tend to inhabit warmer and wetter environments such as woodlands, streams, and lawns.  craneflyvsmosquito

Much like the mosquito, they are numerous around water deposits. Often, they can find their way into people’s homes and are attracted to light just like moths. In spite of not causing any damage, they can be irritating due to their swarming nature. If you have a crane fly infestation in your yard, initially you’ll notice mild plant and lawn damage in the form of brown spots. Over time, you will start to notice what looks like huge mosquitoes drifting around your property. If you do not take the proper steps to contain them, they could infiltrate your home in large numbers.

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