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Do you ever consider what bugs might be lurking unseen in your home? How about in your bed? Not only could bed bugs be lurking in your bed, they are also often found in the carpet, couches, and other furniture. Bed bugs infest homes for shelter and live off their host’s blood as their food supply. Yuck.

Infestations of bed bugs have increased substantially over the past decade, escalating in New York City alone from 500 reports of infestation in 2004 up to 10,000 in 2009! Increased international travel is often blamed for the rise in bed bug breakouts, and bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of, largely because they are hard to detect.

Outbreaks of bed bugs in California have also recently increased. They were found in disturbing locations, a Starbucks in Campbell and a Senior Center in Stockton, just within the past few months. According to bed bug registry.com (http://bedbugregistry.com/location/CA/), there have been 1,632 reports of bed bugs in California hotels alone.

Aside from the difficulty of detecting bed bugs, a few bugs can create an infestation due to their rapid reproductive rate. Within a few months, you can go from having one or two bed bugs to literally thousands, which will undoubtedly spread throughout the whole home. The best solution for controlling bed bugs is to call a professional immediately to exterminate these pests.

If you suspect you may have a bed bug infestation and would like to sleep with peace of mind again, don’t hesitate to call “The Local Guys” at Woodland-Davis Termite & Pest Control, Inc. for a free limited inspection. We can perform a detailed inspection and help explain all of your pest service options!

Bed Bug Infestation Pie Chart